Can I be your friend?

Howdy glowfolk! I would love to be able to see the designs and store but alas, do not have my GF yet. . . anyone willing to add me as a friend on their GF for that purpose only? I’d be exceedingly grateful! :blush:


Chuckle! Me too! :smile:


Me three!


and for some reason I’m now walking around singing “Won’t you be my neighbor”


I was fortunate enough to become someone’s ‘friend’ several weeks ago. And yes, I just checked out the Store and Catalog --> I do have access. Perhaps the best thing is the access to the GFUI --> things begin to click in your brain when you see and do! My :glowforge:friend even loaded some :proofgrade: for me to try and then mailed the finished product for me to hold in my very own hands. It was wonderful --> my better half only said “that should be done on your :glowforge:” … when will it be here? :glowforge::sunglasses:


@jeanneleigh @Jules @cynd11: Message me your emails and I’ll add you


Dang, @joeamrhein beat me to it. Joe’s must think alike.


@joeamrhein and @joe

You boys are such sweethearts! :hugs::hugs:

(In my case, I was just joking…I don’t actually want to see the designs until I take my unit…it might influence my designing now, and I’m trying to come up with original stuff. But the others might want to take you up on it.)

Thank you both!


Thanks @joeamrhein and @joe! You’re the best - I really mean it - it’s very generous of you to offer and I’m going to take you up on it! :kissing_heart:

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Awwwww, @joeamrhein and @joe, you are too kind! I can be patient, I’ve been blessed so richly already!

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GlowForge competitors be like…


Not me though - I’m waiting on a Day 6 Pro order. . .

Being they are still working on shipping out day 1 Pro orders even my day 4 Pro is feeling like an eternity but, I’m still looking forward to the day @dan and his team will finally hit the send button with that message attached telling me they are ready to deliver me my Pro and then again in December for the filter. So until then it is the (at least for some of us) Happy waiting Game! where only those who hang in there or can afford to hang in there will eventually win. Then it’ll be burn baby burn.

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