Can I buy a new belt?

I had a small fire in the glowforge and I wondered if I can just order a new belt? I see that they aren’t Listed on the items to purchases looks the lens, mirrors and cameras are all fine, and it finished the cut before I realized there was a flame up. I was sitting next to it. But I really just need a belt. Is that possible?


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I would take photos of the head, all the mirrors, the belt, and the air assist fan and post them. We have seen a very similar issue where the air assist fan was heavily damaged by the fire but the user didn’t notice.

Please consider changing your use patterns with this machine. One small fire can very quickly turn into a very large fire that destroys your machine - in the order of just seconds. My personal habit is that if I can’t see the point where the beam touches the material I am not watching closely enough. I wear sunglasses against the bright cut point, but that just me. You may not need it.


Yes, you can. Support will find this post which generated a support ticket and work with you. You are not the first. Speaking of first, Welcome to the forum!


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.