Can I cut this leather?

These are 100% real leather, can I cut these on my Glowforge to make earrings. They take forever on my Cricut.

Veg tanned leather is safe. Chrome tanned leather is open to dispute as to whether or not it should be lasered. There are lots of posts here in the forum regarding leather safety, and plenty of folks skilled at working with leather. I am sure the experts will be along soon to weigh in with some guidance.


The terribly helpful answer is probably

With those kinds of patterns you likely have chrome tanned leather, which is really bad for your lungs. You want to be exhausting cleanly and not into an area where people might be - also don’t churn out dozens or hundreds at at time. A few shouldn’t be a major issue.

Find out the tanning process (veg/chrome) and the dying process (water/oil) and you’ll have a better idea of how to move forward.

Then start with the PG leather settings and run @evansd2’s test to narrow down your specific settings.

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Thank you. I won’t be doing a huge amount anyway. One pair took 5 hours on my cricut :flushed:

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I’ve read the posts then saw YouTube videos showing it being done that’s why I asked lol. So confusing.

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