Can I disconnect internet and the glowforge still operates?

I am using my cellphone wifi hotspot to print. If I leave the house to go into town will the glowforge stop working?

You do realize you should never leave the machine unattended while operating?

Old pic, and thankfully very rare, but almost always due to a small issue that could have been immediately dealt with if the machine was being watched per operating instructions.


Like @eflyguy said never leave your machine unattended.

Assuming you’re asking if someone else will be able to use the machine if you and your hotspot leave the area, the answer is no.

Sorry! :slight_smile:

I dont want a fire more then the next person lol. My girl would be home to watch it. There just wouldnt be internet. Is that a possibility?


Well, you’d need to leave the phone behind in that case. It will begin a print and run until the print completes, and you could conceivably take the phone away after it starts, but it will lock up when it’s done, because it sends information back at the end of the job.


The short answer is, once the buttons starts blinking, the machine will print whether there is an internet connection or not.

You will get an error in the UI after the machine is able to connect to the internet again, even if the print was successful.

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Could you run it off her hotspot instead? As many have already said, it’ll technically run. But a lot of the issues people see are connectivity related.

Thank you, everybody, for all the helpful information. As others have said the print will finish if your Glowforge loses connection, however, you will receive errors at the end of your print. Also, please note, never leave your Glowforge unattended during a print. I am going to close this thread now. If you have any other questions please start a new thread or email us at