Can I do this with a Pro?

The this is build a house. I did a quick search and didn’t see any posts for Grand Designs, Season 10, Episode 2 (Netflix or presumably BBC) so I’ll summarize. Some creative young guys took a CNC designed for a sheet of plywood and then cut it into a finger joint box. 1 sheet of plywood = 1 box. They then assemble all the boxes into a house. I guess the miniature fanatics could do this for a doll house. At any rate here is a short video.


Technically yes? I mean, you couldn’t do 4’ x 8’ sheets of ply but you could do 18" x 8’ sheets…

Nice. I’m loving all the “how else could I build a house” things that are coming out!

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I thought the same thing, but then I wondered how strong would 3/16"ply be, even stacked together in a bunch of tiny boxes? I decided no based on nothing but my prejudice against thin plywood as a material for houses.

It would be like adding more fibers, if you had the same volume (cubic inches or weight) more spread out. It could be a lot stronger. to make all the parts of 1/4 oak plywood could be extremely strong by adding more triangle cross sections, though I would want spend a fortune in copper napthanate. and adding half-inch tabs every 4 inches and 50% overlap where splices were needed the thinner material would be a boon to the strength vs weight calculations.

Kind of back burnered but was thinking about a chair or bed made of cardboard using those principles.

I ran across a Web site one time showing all sorts of furniture people had made from the free shipping boxes you can get from the USPS. I’d go look for it again to show you, but my MBP had to go in for repairs due to the exploding battery recall thing, and I’m using my ancient MBA, which is excruciatingly slow, so you’ll have to hunt down your own rabbit hole, sorry! :wink:


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