Can I get the default/free designs in my catalog reset? If so, how?

EDIT: Apologies for the hasty post. I see how to do this myself now. Although the print says “No Artwork,” the Reset function under the “…” button does appear.

Didn’t realize it, but when you select these on your print and press ‘Delete,’ the contents of the design are deleted as well…? Ouch. For instance, I printed a couple of Founder Rulers, then selected the the Ruler design on my print screen and pressed the delete key, as that seemed the obvious way to remove the design from the print. I later chose the Founder Ruler design from the catalog again. It said, “Rendering your design…,” and then… nothing. A bit of clicking around revealed that all of the designs I’d previously placed on prints and then removed were empty, and behaved in the same way.

Well…lesson learned the hard way! Is there any way to get those designs back?


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Sorry, but the only way at present is to email support.

It looks like they’ve implemented the “reset design” on the freebie designs.




Thanks for the update. I’m glad you were able to reset your catalog designs.

Happy printing!

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