Can I put a piece of fabric in to be traced to cut a pattern?

I am cutting masks and my cricut is jamming a lot. Figured it would be nice to have a template to trace but cardboard can be cut. If I put a plain white set of them in the machine, can I trade it and cut it on wood?

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Not really sure what you are asking.

Yes, you can cut fabric, cardboard or wood on the Glowforge.

I haven’t tried tracing something like that, but I would think you could do it. Or just upload the SVG you’re using on the Cricut.

I want to make a template out of wood from the fabric I cut

Curious why not simply cut the fabric with the laser?

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Honestly, it is faster to cut the fabric myself then in the cutter I am making so many. Too many steps and over complicating things cutting it with the laser

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Then, yes, you can cut a wood template on the Glowforge. Upload the file from your Cricut as suggested above, or throw in a cut piece and try the trace. What have you got to lose?

Sure – We cut our templates from 1/8" clear acrylic. Works like a champ.

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