Can I take my Glowforge on a plane?



Hi there,
With the new delay in delivery, I’m running into a bit of a logistical dilemma.
I’m moving from the US to the UAE in a couple of months, and was counting on getting my glowforge by then and shipping it with the rest of my stuff by sea.
But now I’m wondering weather it’s possible to take my machine on a plane, checking it in as luggage. Is there any safety regulations that I should be aware of that might be hazardous?
I’m considering this as an option because the current $1800 shipping cost is actually more expensive than a round trip from Dubai to LA.

I’m still really excited about getting a Glowforge! :slight_smile:


I only every hear bad stories about checked luggage but that’s my 2 cents


This is not going to be helpful in the least (for which I apologize), but the wording of the subject made me think of Dr. Seuss:

Can I take my Glowforge on a plane?
Can I take my Glowforge on a train?
Can I take my Glowforge on a moose?
Can I take my Glowforge on a goose?

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Make sure you look into who is responsible if it breaks in transit or becomes lost. If it’s not possible to get it insured it might be a better option to ship it yourself. I’m sure you can find something cheaper than $1800.


You’ll want to check the policy of the airline you plan to travel. Emirates, for example, prohibits any single piece of luggage being over 71lbs, and Glowforge was supposed to be 70lbs total shipping weight, not including extras, in Sept 2015. That seems to be cutting it awfully close, considering they’re now planning on shipping proofgrade materials with our units (unless I’m mistaken?).

And when I say prohibits, I mean you can’t pay an extra handling fee. Their policy is anything over 71lbs doesn’t leave the airport.


Most likely yes, but you will probably have to pay an excess baggage fee (not just due to weight, but also for exceeding the maximum linear dimensions the airlines allow).

Check with the airline, as the linear dimensions vary - There is a maximum limit where they will not ship your box, and then you would have to look at a freight shipment.


One way to ensure the baggage handlers don’t mangle it would be to buy your GF its own seat.


That would be pretty cool. It’d get its own meal and everything too. Just think about it! :slight_smile:


Plug it in and caramelize your own plums? :slight_smile:


It wouldn’t fit in a seat, would it? I think economy seats are usually like 17-18 inches wide.

Edit: Nope! Nevermind, the shipping box dimensions 46″ x 29″ x 16″ (1168mm x 737mm x 406mm). Assuming you got it a window seat and there are 29" between the seat and the seat in front, it might fit!

Edit the Second: Scratch that. “Seat pitch refers to the space between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it. For many carriers, the pitch in Economy class is 29 to 32 inches (74 to 81 cm).” So from the back cushion on the glowforge’s seat to the back cushion on the seat in front might only be 29-32 inches? That’s cutting it close.


Well, seat cushions are kinda squishy so… it may be held pretty firmly in place if you muscle it in there. :slight_smile:


You’re going to piss off the guy in front of it when he tries to recline his seatback!


As long as you keep it in airplane mode i dont see a problem. :wink: You could cut some sweet coasters for your midflight drink. And if you got a window seat you could even vent it out the window! Im sure they wouldn’t care.


And with it being so close to the “cloud”, connectivity will be really fast! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Didn’t think of that. Now that you mention it my internet speed did improve when I moved from the beach to the mountains.


People take all kinds of large, heavy stuff on airlines (eg golf clubs). And, I believe, some of the pre-release GFs were air shipped. Many good suggestions here… Go :glowforge: - Rich


Just remember, there’s no such thing as the cloud - it’s just someone else’s computer. :wink:


The really needs to be a tongue-in-check emoji


I suspect this is the more appropriate gif for my posts


I personally can’t think of anything more exciting than a 70-lb box of metal and glass bouncing up in the air and slamming down against me during turbulence… :stuck_out_tongue: