Can I use one infinity fan for 2 glowforges? Can I use 2 machines in the same circuit of electricity?

Hi there! I should receive a second glowforge, and I would like to know if I can use the same infinity fan to vent out for both or buy another one?

Also, do I need to add a second outlet of electricity from another room circuit? Or can I have both machines in the same circuit ?

Thanks in advance!!

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That depends on the total load on your circuit and how much your breaker is rated for. The Glowforge itself isn’t that much draw, there have been threads on it that I’ll try to find in a sec, but if you’ve already got a lot of draw on that circuit it might overload things. You’d find out when the breaker tripped and everything turns off. :slight_smile: (just kidding, try not to do this, breakers are a last resort, overloading circuits is bad, like potentially “burn your house down” bad.)

As for the fans: that’s been discussed too. It all comes down to how powerful your external fan is and specifics of your setup.

For most people the answer is “sure but not at the same time”, because the CFM rating on most external fans isn’t quite high enough.

CFM metrics are tricky things: it’s not just one number, like if the fan is rated to “450 CFM”, you might think “sweet a Glowforge needs about 200, so this can handle 2”… not so fast. That 450 is under ideal conditions without any load. Pulling air through a Glowforge or two with bends in the corrugated exhaust pipes adds up to a lot of load.

You might be able to run two with the internal fans and the external all turned on, but even then I’d be leery, especially if you’re running 4” pipe.


Let’s see:

And here we go, from that search:


MORE is better then NOT ENOUGH!!! – my rule of life!



Especially when it comes to “venting harmful and/or toxic fumes”…


Thank you so much for your response! It helped me make a better decision.

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