Can i use the software before my GF arrives?

I have a GF Pro arriving by the end of month and just really want to see the software and how it works. Is there a way I can do that or am I left in limbo until it arrives?


Welcome to very cool times :grin:
The GFUI is pretty straight forward, but the software to use for that is less so and open to use now. I had never opened Inkscape before buying my Pro, but in six months it took for the machine to arrive, it certainly helped that itch.

I was already familiar with Gimp but that is the other half of the coin that Gimp does raster files and Inkscape combines raster and adds vector files needed for cutting as Raster files can only be engraved.

There are other programs you may already be comfortable with but as those are both powerful and available with learning to use them the only expense, they are an easy start.

Yes, click on “Dashboard” at the top of every page here. There are also tutorials in the support section, designed for when you have the machine but they walk you step-by-step through the interface.

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I don’t know if you can futz with the interface before your unit arrives or not at this point. When I got mine you could not.

Anyway,it’s simple and your time would be better spent learning a design program such as Inkscape.


You can go to a local Joann to see if they have one, or if you know someone who has one, they could give you guest access, or let you come play with it. Not sure if you have access to the UI without there being a forge already assigned to you, and the ability to upload something to it.

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