Can I visit?

I am traveling up to Seattle on June 30 and wanted to know if I could stop by and take a look at the glowforge office and team and see the glowforge in person. Then I will be getting on a cruise to Alaska on July 2nd.


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If you get to go GFHQ, make sure to take pictures!


Go to the main page and drop them a email. Staff does not see everything posted here. Just a matter of time.

From their FAQ…

Where can I see a product demo? Can I take a tour?
We wish you could have you over! We’re swamped building Glowforges for the customers who’ve pre-ordered them, so the only way to see a Glowforge in person is to catch us at a live event, like Maker Faire or the Consumer Electronics Show. When we have Glowforge units in public to try, we’ll announce it at and

Chuckle! I was planning to stop off one day and try to meet the crew the same way (hubs wants to do an Alaska cruise) but I figured I’d better wait till after the launch. (Maybe they’ll be able to talk then.)

Right now, I’d be afraid I’d get knocked down. :wink:


Well it’s worth a shot to ask. My buddy who purchased the glowforge for us wanted to do a road trip 2 months ago. I figured I would be in the area and wanted to check it out


True…you never know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Girl! If you board Alaska Cruise from Vancouver (Rather than Seattle) Let me know! I can show you around my hood!


I wish we could! Things are so slammed right now it’s very unlikely - but shoot me the date at and I’ll let you know if anything opens up.


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