Can not access all designs despite having annual paid premium membership

I have a paid premium membership but can not access all of my designs since the update. I even pulled up my receipt from August to confirm my membership has been paid for the year. How do I fix this I need access to my files. Thank you.

This problem started for me last week…only being able to see about 20 of the files in My Designs.

After multiple suggestions from Support…most of which I had already tried…if I reduce my screen zoom to 80% I can see them all.

That frustrates me because it’s difficult to see them now. I have asked Support why this is happening…I might get a return reply in a few days. LOL

Have you contacted support? They don’t monitor this forum anymore.

Thanks for the tip! I was able to get all my designs to load – although I had to drop my screen zoom all the way down to 25% to reach the end! :roll_eyes:

I would pass that along to GF support. Low resolution screens seem to be causing issues for many users.

Maybe both low- and high-resolution screens – my resolution is 3240 x 2160.

Perhaps, but it seems reducing the view size often solved the issue. Again, just suggesting you pass it along.

I have sent an email earlier but awaiting a reply. Thanks!

Most recent reply from Support after reducing my zoom to 80% to be able to see all my files:

Thank you for letting me know that (sort of) worked. That information will help us find a better and more permanent fix for this problem!

Our team is working hard on this issue and hopes to have a solution soon.

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Yeah reducing size didn’t help me. The files are just not there :confused: Hopefully they figure it out soon, it’s busy season!

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