Can not get alignment correct

I have two problems. I am sure they have already been discussed here but I couldn’t find the subject.
First – If I run a project and It does not cut all the way thru why can’t I recut in the same place?
Second – If I don’t get a segment to work the first time(cuts but score didn’t happen, my fault - didn’t have the manual settings turned all the way on) then go back to do it right(never moving the material) and have the camera view exactly lined up it cuts 1/8 in off.
I have the same problem when trying to engrave both sides of an ornament using the same design. When I turn it over and align with the camera exactly over the material it again cuts 1/8 in off and always to the right ,
Is there some alignment process I need to redo?

I have found that if you want to rerun a cut/score/whatever, the trick is to definitely not move the material. In the GUI, choose the parts you want to rerun and set the rest to IGNORE. And then YOU ignore what the camera says. If you don’t move the picture and you don’t move the wood, it cuts exactly the same spots, regardless of what the second “picture” says it is going to do. Trust the machine.


I just did a test with a 3.5 in round cork coaster. My design was lined up perfectly on the material since I used an ignored circle the same size as my material in my design.
Still printed 1/4 in off top and right.

That isn’t what I was saying. You don’t have to line up anything for a second print. Once you print once, if you don’t move anything and run the exact same print a second time, it will cut in the same spot it did the first time, whether that is where the design “appears” or not. GF even says that the camera alignment is only good to 1/4 inch. But for a second print, it is the exact same as using a jig if you don’t move things around.
That said, there are ways to minimize camera alignment as well, for first prints like you describe with your cork. First, run the calibration for the camera on a piece of draftboard. There are procedures on how to do that. Then, especially if you are printing smallish things (like coasters) you should align it directly under the camera lens. Then you can run your SET FOCUS on the center of it, and then, after doing that, you place the design. I have had good luck doing those steps.
Good luck and happy cutting.

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I am going to work some more with the set focus. That may help my problem.
Thank for your help

If something doesn’t cut through and you don’t move anything, just repeat the cut. Don’t move the artwork and don’t move the material. It will cut exactly where it cut the first time.

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Hello @lnestes12, it looks like you’ve received some good advice here from our amazing community members. Thank you everyone!

Please let us know how it goes after using set focus. Thank you!

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