Can not "nudge" position of design using keyboard input keys (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) [solved] + Feature Request

Problem Description:
when loading/placing artwork the following keyboard input keys do not result in a nudge:
|left arrow|37|
|up arrow|38|
|right arrow|39|
|down arrow|40|

This is resolved, turns out this feature exists and works, but I had to disable add-ons in Chrome. Not sure which one (Pendule, Dev tools, Screen ruler, anymeeting, a screen recorder, various color picker and inspection tools, ect…) So I shut them all down and the nudge feature works again.

However, here is a feature request:
Desired operation / Feature Request:

  • A new panel under settings would allow the nudge setting to be controlled from 0.5" down to 0.001" resulting in more precise control for placing artwork.

This works fine for me. Make sure you have selected the artwork first, either with CTRL-A or by selecting the individual part of the artwork you wish to move.

Works fine for me too. Make sure you are using a fully supported browser. I am using Chrome.

Thank you for the reply, good to know

I am in Chrome [Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)]
Maybe something is blocking my keyboard input on that tab… (clearly I can type, lol, im here) but the Nudge is not working.

I wonder if its hardware related. I am using a Logitech k750 Bluetooth keyboard…

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I am using the same version of Chrome, on Windows 10 Pro with a Logitech 810 keyboard and it works fine.

I disabled all chrome add-ons. Something like pendule, screen ruler or dev tools was hogging the directional input. Not sure which, but problem is resolved.

I’ve noticed that occasionally, while using Chrome, that my keyboard functions are unable to work because, rather than the browser thinking I’m using the software, it attempts to select the options menu and everything else outside of the UI. I can’t think of how I normally fix this, but it usually happens after pushing CTRL+A I notice that it will highlight the menus etc.

Does using the CTRL+A highlight the artwork when you’re in the UI…And seems you’ve figured it out during my reply :sweat_smile: Oh well, maybe someone else will come along and see what others have mentioned here.

thanks again. (its good to know im not crazy by having a forum, I am pretty happy with GF forums this far, seems like people actually use them and want to help, thats rare these days)

I’ve edited the post and transmogrified it into a feature request.

Already available to you. When you use the keyboard arrows to nudge, the more you are zoomed in, the smaller the nudge increments are. (Pretty cool feature.) :wink:


And the shift key makes the steps bigger.


So philosophically we’re not supposed to turn the GF app into an editor, but I think better step features would be nice anyway… I would also put in a vote for horizontal/vertical Align button. Eyeballing isn’t always good enough for that, and for me at least it is very common to wish to align a couple of shapes that I have loaded from separate files.


Thanks for the answers @jules and @lairdknox, that’s right. And thank you @christian.zagarskas and @GrooveStranger for the suggestions!