Can Not Update Payment Info- Since 11/9 NO Profile Option to Manage Subscription

I DO NOT HAVE THE OPTION to manage subscription.

Is the option not there or is the link unresponsive? In testing just now, my Manage my Subscription did not respond when I clicked it. I signed into my account in Chrome rather than Firefox and the option worked and took me to my subscription and payment page.

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I don’t have the option to Manage Subscription at all.
Thank you so much for you reply

You may want to email Glowforge since this issue will eventually involve your personal payment information.


Yes- I did! Thanks so much

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Hi Cre,

It looks like this post got accidentally closed (I’ll take a look to see what caused that). I’ve unlocked it in the meantime. It looks like Satya sent some communication over to help with your subscription.

The duplicate was closed. There are two of these threads open.