Can someone help me on a design please

I paid for a design on Etsy and i DID talk to the creator who is very much ok with me asking here for help. I took the design uploaded it into glowforge. It however didn’t work. The engraving parts are fine but the ‘cuts’ aren’t making. There are 3 other people who have glowforge with the same problem. The design is in lightburn. The designer doesn’t have a glowforge to help troubleshoot. I was thinking someone here could help me because i really love this design

it’s supposed to cut out around and in thru the tree branches -
is someone able to help me please?

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It might be the wood you are using. I could look at the design if you would like.


It looks like that cut is very close the you could pop everything out by sneaking up behind and shoving them out. I have one of these as sometimes the holes are very tiny and the tip is very strong.

A follow-up with an x-acto knife or even a scalpel can clean any other bits. Pushing back to front will cause any splitting to be on the throw away bits while front to back can hurt the part you want.


Very simple, just increase power a tad or slow it down a tad. Use one of your old pieces to test a small circle or square until it cuts out cleanly then you’ll have the right settings.


Once you follow everyone’s advice on adjusting your settings and getting a proper cut, you might then realize that the design is pretty fragile at this size.

Looking at your picture, it looks like a lot of those leaves might barely hang on or the level of detail might be too much and might burn up too much of the wood.

You might want to try the design slightly larger to give you a bit more wiggle room.

Good luck!


How can I send you the design?

The pieces don’t wiggle in/out and exacto knife isn’t getting it enough :frowning: to pop out, front or back. :frowning:

I suggest you cut this out of cardstock or 20# paper with Proofgrade settings. I don’t think the problem is the design - I think it is your settings and material.


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