Can someone please contact me? 2 urgent matters


I have been trying in every single way to get a hold of someone but nobody calls me back or reply to my emails or the tickets I have open. I have two matters going on:

  1. My machine caught on fire and I have sent the information requested by GF; I was told via email what the decision was and what I need to do however, I had some questions that I need answers to before I can make my decision which the deadline is next week.

  2. I purchased the extended warranty and a few minutes after I bought it, it was cancelled; I contacted the warranty company via email and they stated that GF asked them to cancel the warranty. I forwarded the email to GF support. As of right now, nobody has contacted regarding this matter either and the deadline for me to purchase the warranty is 12/31.

Every time I called either the auto message plays 3 times and then hangs up or after being on hold for 15 minutes or more, I get an auto response asking to leave a message and someone will call back which has not happened yet.

Please, resolve these two issues so I don’t have to keep contacting you. It is beyond frustrating, upsetting and completely unprofessional that there is not really customer service provided at all.

Thank you,

  1. they will get hold of you.

  2. they are NOT particularly fast about it.

  3. if they think the machine is a write off and it doesn’t fall under the current warranty coverage they probably don’t want you spending money on extended warranty.


Pretty sure we can’t buy extended warranties on already damaged machines. (Not a lawyer, but that would be the first time I ever heard of it happening.) :confused:


be sure and check your spam folder in case their reply ended up in there.

thanks, my spann folder is empty.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.