Can someone verify the Medium Maple Ply SD & HD engrave settings?

I was looking at the built-in Medium Maple Ply engrave settings to get a starting point for a manual job, and things do not look like I remember.

I loaded an engraveable vector object, told the app I was using PG MMP, and set HD Engrave. Then I switched to Manual to reveal the settings, and saw Speed 300, Power 16, LPI 450. That looks correct.

Then, I switched to a PG MMP SD Engrave, and switched back to Manual to see the settings. Now, it says Speed 1000, Power Full, LPI 270.

Draft Graphic is Speed 1000, Power Full, LPI 195.

Now, if I had taken notes I would not need to do this to see the settings, but a FULL power SD engrave does not sound right.

Am I just misremembering?

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Those are the settings I remember being similar for thick maple the only difference is for HD the speed was 100.

The main difference is LPI the higher it is the slower and lower the power needs to be for accuracy and so it doesn’t just burn.

Thanks for the sanity check.

Hot and fast for shallow drafts, low and slow for deeper engraves.


The PG Maple SD engrave is actually deeper than the HD engrave, at least when you use those settings on baltic birch plywood.

Apples to pears, but sure.