Can’t connect Glowforge to wifi

Is anyone else having trouble at this time? I can’t get my Glowforge to connect to the wifi. I was using it before and it stopped working. At the time, my machine was in the basement and the router up on the 2nd floor. I’ve now moved my Glowforge in the same room with the router and I still can’t connect. I’ve unplugged my Glowforge, computer, router and modem all for over one minute and connected everything, still with no luck. This started about 4 days ago. I contacted support and they had me connect via my iPhone, at the time. Which worked. But I can’t connect to anything now. When I try to call support, it says they’re having technical difficulties and can’t take any calls. In desperate need of help. I’m using a MacBook and everything is up to date.

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I’ve had a couple times where for some odd reason, the link between my wifi and my Glowforge just seemed to disconnect, even though it still showed it was. I found it helpful to simply “reconnect” my Glowforge to my wifi as if I was just setting it up for the first time (holding the button until it turned teal), connecting to the Glowforge on my computer’s wifi settings, and then reconnecting to my home wifi. I don’t remember the exact steps, as it’s been a while, but you can do a search for it. It’s at least worth a shot.

I’ve tried this so many times that I developed a migraine. Lol. Now, none of the networks even show up in the list. And my internet is fast and is connected and working on other devices just fine.

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How far do you get when you go through the setup process? Do you get to the page that says your Glowforge is broadcasting?

No. I just get to the part where I need to connect my Glowforge to the wifi and it kept saying Glowforge didn’t connect.

Strange thing, I had it unplugged for a few hours after my meltdown and now it just started working. I think it’s connected to the home wifi because my phone doesn’t have the hotspot thing at the top! So I don’t know how, but I’m back in business! Thank you guys. I look forward to being able to contribute and help people as well, soon.


Glad you’re back in business! By the way, welcome to the community!! Glad you’re here.


Thank you so much @ellencadwell

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Thank you for the update. It’s great to hear that you were able to connect and print again, and that you received some wonderful information from our other community members! I’ll go ahead and close this topic.

If you run into trouble again, or have any questions for our team, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

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