Can’t get an email back from support

My glowforge is less then two week used and has already stopped working. Monday I reached out to glowforge and got a response almost immediately, we did troubleshooting and support determined that I need a new printer head. I responded back with the instruction they gave me but I can’t get an estimated date on if or when my new printer head will be shipped I have sent over multiple emails and responded multiple times on my first thread with support but can’t get any response. Can someone please help. I am using this for a business and really need to get printing again

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Sending multiple emails will sadly slow them down since they have to check each one. You’re waiting for them to verify the part is in stock, then get it shipped - none of which happens in the same offices as CS. It’s probably going to be a week or so, and then another week or so to actually receive it.

As a business owner of course you’re aware you need to have backup! So use this time to find other lasers for rent in your area, or people you can sub-contract to when issues happen.


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So are they sending you a replacement print head?

That is what I am trying to figure out.

Yes I have back ups but a new machine shouldn’t already be broken. So frustrating!

I just wanted to reach out to you here as well. You will be receiving details on your order today, though they will be sent to you via the email we already have with you.

If you have anymore questions about your order, or your printer in general, please let us know.


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