Can’t register GF - Stuck at WiFi stage

I’m stuck in a Wi-Fi setup loop where it connects to the Wi-Fi, but says it can’t connect. Only has 1 reply from Support in 24 hours. I’ve eliminated network issues, distance, crowding etc. by turning off the 5GHz networks and using both android and iOS devices as hotspots, as well as 2 different WiFi setups, forcing to 2.4Ghz where possible. It connects to the WiFi as I can see it’s MAC address as connected, but never completes setup. I can see it connect to all of the WiFi APs I register it to, and it uses data, but it will not get past registration.

After spending £6.5k, I’m about ready to return it. I only went for a GF as it was supposed to be a plug and play all in one solution, which wouldn’t need tons of maintenance.

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