Can’t wait to start!


Today the PG box came!! Feeling so excited!
Can’t wait to start :slight_smile:


You’ll be cutting in no time! It is so much fun…I got my Glowforge last week!


Yay! Congrats on the impending arrival! :grinning:


That’s great! You will so love your Glowforge!


Things to do… (/Humor_ON).
Carb up and get a lot of crackers and other on the go snacks as well as a case of your favorite beverage or water.
Hug all your loved ones.
‘Sleep in’ the next few days when can.

Then you will be all set for the first couple of days with your Glowforge up and running.

As you weaken and start getting dizzy as you walk over to hit the button, (say about day 4), shut it off and go about a regular day of eating, drinking, sleeping, and talking to other people.


Haha! thanks for the advice :joy: