Can the color of preview pieces on the app be changed?

it is currently set to a very pale grey color that disappears on pretty much every material. makes placement extraordinarily difficult.

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If it’s showing up as gray it is either out of bounds, set to Ignore, or you have not created settings for it yet.

It’s their way of notifying us that we need to finish setting it up correctly.

Once it has been set up correctly, the lines turn a fairly bright red.

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I agree that they colors can be difficult to see. One issue with the gray is that you might miss a piece that’s out of bounds and end up ruining a run.

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exactly! Since the interface loves to place the upload in the farthest reaches of the field, I often miss a single segment of a (grouped) piece, or in selecting change the size of the item thus ruining the entire cut. all of this must be done before I can set the settings to change the color.

it would be one (of many, many others) things that would make it so much more reliable.

As a bit of a workaround is that I make sure to not deselect the import before moving it. Sometimes, if I accidentally deselect it, I’ll just start over and re-import the job. (Actually, I think you can do an undeo and redo and the whole part will be selected again.)

If I’m having trouble dragging it for some reason I’ll just do a bunch of Shift-Arrows to move it more center.

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I’ve made the same suggestion. The colors aren’t a great choice. I’ve been meaning to see if you could change them with css but I haven’t dug around in the source. My gut is saying no.

I wonder if changing your OS to be in high contrast or colorblind mode would solve it? Hmm.

You say bright red, i see a dark red/brown.

Red is a terrible colour choice for things that could be on a dark background for me

Red is one of those colors we avoid in our software design. Too many color-blind (or alternately sensitive) people out there - it’s not always perceived the same way by everyone.

Thank you so much for the feedback. I’ve shared it with the team.