Can the GF cut paper with Mica flecks?

Hello all, I am interested in cutting a paper that has mica flecks on it. The flecks are as big as 1/8" in some instances and I was a tad concerned about reflection. I do not want to put contact paper on the paper either to do this, as I noticed that the contact paper lifts the mica. Has anyone tried this or have any advice?
Fiber: Belgium Flax
Color: Surface dyed with indigo

External additive: mica flecks
Sizing: Externally sized with gelatin

Reverse/flip the design and cut from the back if the paper does not have flecks on the back.

Thanks, but the laser leaves burn marks on the back when I cut it, and I am trying to avoid that on the front…

Use a mat to reduce the flashback underneath. (I should probably point out that it might pull the mica off too, not sure how you’d get around that.)

The beam might reflect off the mica flakes, but it isn’t going to burn them. So the problem with burning it facing up is that you might not get a good cut wherever it hits the mica flakes.

You can go ahead and try it, it’s a piece of paper. Just make sure you have it anchored down.