Can the Walabot be used creatively with the GF?

I wonder if this new Android based device might somehow be used with the GF, It can see through wood, drywall and concrete and can see a variety of materials behind these things. Perhaps for some alignment role with a plastic crosshair adhered to the back of the material? Any thoughts?


It is $149 after a 50% discount.

I don’t know if I want to see “movement” inside my walls… ignorance can be bliss. Interesting gadget however. Still trying to think of ways it could be used “creatively” or in “crafting” ( apart from the obvious home decor/renovation). It could find hidden safes !! skeletons?


If the sensitivity is adjustable enough, it could detect voids or knots in plywood to show areas to avoid. Not a good investment for just that, but an extra use if you get it for its real intended purpose. Sure seems like it beats the old fashioned stud finders.


I’d like to see it working in the wild before I plunk down. Got a collection of “pro” stud finders that claim to detect the edges of studs, thickness of drywall, pipes, electrical cable blah blah, but when I need to anchor something I usually just go for the rare-earth magnet. (The connection to a smartphone is nice, but it’s also one more app to babysit.) If it works, that’s pretty cool, although still kinda spendy. I wonder if it could be used to measure engraving/cutting depth on new materials.


Technical specs

other more expansive description than original link


looks pretty cool, hope they make one for Iphone.

Looking at the site, it seems that the (limited) ability to look through (some) solid materials is only a small part of what it can do. Being able to create 3D models on the fly would be pretty cool, especially if the resolution is decent. Then I could make a model, slice it up and produce a lasered version.


We’ve got one on order to play with!


I have a Walabot Pro. Have not used it much. But next Speing semester I should have a GlowForge AND a Walabot. As well as 20 some Physics/Engineering students attempting to find good combined uses.