Can the workspace be adapted to take thicker objects?

Is there room under the workspace to create a lower level to engrave thicker objects? I do woodturning and would like to engrave on box lids or bowls that would be higher than the specifications show.

The tallest item you can fit in the box is 1.5"
That is with the “crumb tray” honeycomb support grid thing removed.
Under that is the case and it forms the structure of the unit.


Max working depth is 1.5 inches with the honeycomb removed. jkopel beat me to it.

There has been a lot of chatter about modifications to increase z-axis after the warranty expires. Who knows how much of it will come to fruition. jkopel is the only “outsider” with any real idea about the practicality of that modification. But he can’t say anything.

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Is this the basic or the pro? I know that the pro has a better laser but is that it?

Z axis is same for both. Pro has a passthrough on the machine allowing for, in theory, ∞ x axis.

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If you’re thinking of modifying the bottom (not recommended…) the bottom has a metal plate…

My Dremel has a metal cutting wheel :grin:


Doesn’t the filter fit on the bottom of the unit? So if you were going to (as everyone says, not recommended) mess with the bottom of the unit you’d also have to reconfigure the filter and/or live with some other venting.

Yep. I figure I’ll create an extension of the body using aluminum stock & sheet metal (maintaining the original interior dimensions except for the height.

My thought is a frame of aluminum bar stock that the bottomless GF can snugly sit in that will sit on top of the original bottom plate. The sheet metal will wrap it all in a fairly sealed box.

Whether that will allow the filter to work is unknown until I get my GF. If not, I’ll drop an inline exhaust blower in a section of 4" venting hose and attach a manifold to the back of my new case extension.

I was originally thinking I’d only open up the bottom when I wanted something deep, but if I put a tall powered Z table in there I could just leave it extended even when I move the table back up to normal GF depths.

Figure it’ll end up being like my Big Green Egg table with the drop in insert construction.


A major consideration is structural rigidity.
Cutting out the bottom will require reenforcement, or the first time you pick it up the rails can likely be tweaked out of square.

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That should work, the only thing not really accounted for directly in your discussion is how to get the very large objects in position. Having a door you can swing open on the front of your extended Z shroud may be advisable…

Good idea. I figure it’s all hypothetical until I can see how the GF frame and case are made. I’m hoping the rails aren’t dependent on plastic for their trueness.

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I’m just assuming here, but wouldnt the focal point of the laser be negatively affected by any additional space along the Z. So you’d have to be pretty accurate on how/where you cut this thing to convert it into a open bottom unit ? Not that I have any interest in doing that.

Not really, it would just allow a thicker object to be placed in the bed to engrave. It still needs to be the correct focal length to the surface. As far as cutting, it would still only be able to cut through up to 1/2" still with flipping over.

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Right. This would let me engrave folded textiles (leather can be very bulky) or things like premade boxes, flat jars, etc. Be amazed at what you start thinking about engraving once you start looking around someplace like Michaels or Hobby Lobby :smiley:. Don’t need feet of space but the 1 1/2" can be limiting.


One use case for having a larger Z height is adding engravings to antique wood items. Taking those apart can be fatal.

And with the Glowforge camera, it may be possible to simply touch up an existing engrave (or the laziest cleaning of built up gunk ever).


I plan on just making the top grow taller by sprinkling a few drops of this:

It says “all purpose”!!