Can we cut 1/2 inch Acrylic?

If so, where do you purchase it since Glowforge only makes 1/4 inch?

Search the forum for “acrylic source” and you’ll find a lot of discussion about where to get it.

As for can we? Yeah probably. Multiple passes and changing focal height are probably key. The bigger question is whether we should or not… this isn’t an ideal tool for cutting stuff that thick, regardless of what material it is.

If I were dead set on this, I’d probably try to keep my speed up above 200 and figure out how many full power passes and what focal heights it needs through testing.

Why not drop the speed even lower? Acrylic is flammable. Moving quickly will reduce the chances that you’ll overheat the material and will reduce your fire risk. As with any material be careful, but with acrylic - especially pushing limits like this - I’d be extra vigilant.

Lastly, 1/2” really is pushing the limit so I’d probably do a air assist clearance check by placing the material in the GF while it’s powered down and then gently manually moving the head around to be sure the scoop doesn’t hit the acrylic.

Moving this to beyond the manual, since we’re talking about settings and stuff.


Also, previously:

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Technically, we can, but it is a real pain in the neck and you won’t get a straight cut. You can’t do detail well and it is a higher fire risk.


Ok. That is what I was wor ride about. Thank you!

Thank you. I had searched acrylic but didn’t see an answer. Lots of great info here!

Yeah this forum is a deep well. It’s hard to find stuff sometimes, especially if you’re new… but it’s all out there.

Sometimes if searching the forum isn’t working you can get even better results by using google. Like you can search the forum via google by adding “” to your google search. Like this:

It will let you limit the results from google to just this site. Nice trick in a pinch.

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Thank you. It is such a vast resource but I love l the info and the wonderful people willing to help us newbies out :slight_smile:

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Us Evanses gotta stick together :wink:

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Absolutely :wink:

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