Can we get some navigation?

Hello, I have a problem that I would like support on. I am on the various glowforge websites and noticed there isn’t a proper menu to be had across the various pages.

how do I get to the main page from the forum?
how do I get to the store?
how do I get to the manual?
how do I get to the glowforge app?

My dearest glowforge, the internet is built on anchor tags, it is my dearest wish that you add more to all of your pages so that I may click them happily instead of digging through emails to find hidden links. If these already exist, please link me to the links so that I may link them.



I agree support should add these things but in the mean time.

main page: or just

store and App only accessible right now once you have accepted your E-mailed offer to receive your glowforge.
Remember those last 2 are only accessible once you have received and possibly accepted your golden E-mail


@ihermit2 I’m glad you resolved it, thank you!

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