Can we make a Figma plugin?

My company has used Figma exclusively for design work on our Glowforge for the last few years.

Given its continued rise in popularity, generous Free Tier, and newly released Community ecosystem, it would be awesome to see a Figma plugin to connect the two platforms for project setup, preconfigured settings, easy export to glowforge ui, etc.


Given that this is the first I’ve ever seen it mentioned on the forum I have to say I think it’s fairly unlikely to see that level of integration with figma.

Never say never, it just seems like you’re a bit of an outlier.

That being said figma looks kind of cool. I assume it exports svg or pdf if you’re using it with the Glowforge now?

Edit: looks like figma has been mentioned twice before. This was interesting:


Thanks for the response!
I use Figma the way most people use Illustrator. Create your artwork, export to svg, upload to glowforge, and create a large backlog of local svg files you have to delete later (maybe the last part is just me?).

I don’t work for Figma or anything, but from my experience, it blows the top off most other vector editing and design tools out there. Especially the free ones. Vector networks has completely changed the way I create vector art.

It’s completely cloudbased too, and they have an open Plugins API.

I hear what you’re saying about being an outlier. It likely won’t happen unless they were to expose the ability for the GF Community to write plugins ourselves.

But I thought I’d give Figma at least a third mention in the forum :wink:

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I would love GF to release some kind of API. I would write an inkscape plugin in a flash if they did that.


Huh that vector network system is pretty slick.

I’m not sure I’m ready to drop my whole workflow but it’s a cool concept.

Posting here won’t make any difference. They don’t read the general discussion forums.

If you want too file it as a feature request, you need to create a ticket (email, or post in P&S…)


I imagine them directly linking with a pay to play service has some complications.
If they were so minded, it would be one with the largest client base, right?

Regardless, not why I responded.
What specifically is it that blows the top off of vector editing?

I have used a lot of different programs, and the difference is usually more of a shortcut ease or inherent user friendly UI.

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Absolutely! I bet we’d see some incredible things come from this community if GF opened the capabilities to us. I’d write one for Figma too.

Agree with the complications with paid services. The nice thing about Figma is that you get a fully functional tool in the free tier, without trial limitations. Their limitations are built more around length of version history and that kind of thing.

Re: their vector editing, definitely check out what they call Vector Networks. I linked to an article above, but this video is great too

Specifically, there are aspects like easily punching holes in overlapping shapes and simplifying multiple point splines into more evenly curved paths that I wouldn’t want to live without.

But yes, there are also other UI features that make it pretty unique.
We use multiplayer (or the ability to have multiple simultaneous editors) to share designs across our team in real time without any kind of .ai or w/e file sharing needed.

Some times one person will be doing design prep, and another will be actually doing the GF processing. Both can have the same figma file open, and the second can just do the svg export + GF upload while the first can be running ahead wrapping up subsequent print files to be cut.

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