Can we please make a gallery view

It would make this forum 100000000 times more enjoyable for me :slight_smile:

THANKS :slight_smile:

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This has been discussed before and there was some reason why not… I forget the details. There was a google workaround though. Let’s see if I can find it.

Aha, I did a very complicated forum search of “gallery view”, and surprisingly there it was. :wink:


Ooooh, I’ve got some scrolling to do. Thanks, @evansd2 (and @alexbbrown)!

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I’ve just had a quick look, and it’s a monster rabbit hole, I suspect.
Lots of photos that don’t seen relevant, but one of the Rijksmuseum was in a post, so it seems to work.
I’d like to know how to add the date filter, as @evansd2 suggested, and other filters might be useful too.
John :upside_down_face:

You can do it in the search tools menus or if you want it in the search field… from -

This query will search within a given date and time range, but is a bit unusable because dates must be entered in the tricky Julian format. For example, the string:

beagle daterange:2455332-2455334

Will search for beagle-based articles In a two day range.


To add a date range to the Google image search, just add ‘&tbs=qdr:w’ to the URL (in this case, a week - ‘:w’
You can do month (:m), year (:y), two days (:2d), you get the idea.

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It’s good to see others think the same way as I do. I was used to a forum that had a preview of the image on the side so you knew what you were looking at. I miss so many great posts because they get pushed down the line because of how it filters posts. Now I know I have set my settings to help alert me to new posts but still many go unnoticed because of not logging on every minute every day.