Can we sell our Glowforged? Or are we only renting them?

I bought two and I want to lend one out to my friend - a young graphics artist.

But she can’t seem to be able to create an account of her own.

How do I do that?

YES, I can add her as users, but that’s a silly solution - I don’t want her drawings cluttering my interface - and I DO have TWO machines - I can’t use them both at the same time.

So how do I do?


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If you add her as a user, she gets her own interface in the UI that is completely separate from yours.


Oh. That could be a quick solution. How does the UI know whether to use the one or the other machine? Ah - I guess the icon with the glowforge on can be accessed to switch machines.
Hmm. Could be a solution.

We have two machines in our schools makerspace and a couple other teachers have been added as users and it works well. When you are adding a user, you can also choose which machine they will have access to so they don’t have to do any switching. And yes just clicking on the name in the top right allows you to switch between the two machines. I often switch between the two machines on my own account.


Close – click on your login at the upper right and you’ll see all machines linked to that account:


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Thank you for the help @dwardio and @josephtpage.

@peter_eduard, I see you emailed us as well. We will follow up with step by step instructions for adding a user there!