Can you edit your design in the glowforge program?

Is there a way to select specific parts of a design to remove, ignore or resize while in the glowforge program?

You can do any the those three as long as the file you sent was an SVG and you have color coded different parts to be different operations.
Be aware though, in resizing it is 2 dimensional, if you stretch the height it gets wider.


If you create your different parts of your design in different colors then they will show up as separate layers in the GF interface. Then you can pick ignore, score. engrave or cut for each layer. you can also resize the parts that way.


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I am going to move this out of this category as it doesn’t require Glowforge support.


Ignore is the best option. When making a two-sided piece you can have the front and back in different colors and the cutout vector in a third color. Then you can put the back on ignore and do the front and cutout. then you put those on ignore, flip the piece over in the Glowforge, and do the back only. :upside_down_face:

More complex moving and deleting is a bit more complicated, and specific to the situation.

You can also double click parts inside other parts to access them. For remote if there was a hole inside another shape.

Also be aware that if some of the pieces are inside other pieces, you will not be able to select them separately even if they are a different color.

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