Can you have multiple GFUI windows open at the same time?

It would be helpful to be able to load designs, calculate print time, etc.

Can I open two windows to GFUI in the same browser while the GF is printing on long prints?

How about in different browsers?

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It works? It doesn’t crash anything? I’ve been cautious to try because I only can print every few weeks or so (with my schedule) and I don’t want to mess up a print / materials!

I use multiple browsers on multiple computers, sometimes working on the same file, process it in my living room, then use another computer in the garage to kick it off and monitor it. It works! However, once in awhile I have to close the file on my living room computer before I fire it off on my other computer in the garage.

Pretty neat capability and the programmer did a good job!


Most of the time I can go from computer to computer with no problem. If I work at it real hard I can get it confused.


As long as you’re in the same browser, you should not have a problem. If you load it up in different browsers (e.g. one instance in Firefox and one in Chrome), you can run into problem where you will be constantly asked to reauthenticate in one or the other; or both.


We do it all the time (in the same browser, with the same username, in the same session - otherwise you may have problems).