Can you laser latex?

I’m trying to create a stencil on a curved piece of glass.

The plan is to mask a section of glass, use the laser to cut out the lettering, then paint over the lettering. Once the lettering is dry peel off the stencil leaving only the lettering.

The problem is the curve makes it hard to mask. Any adhesive mask that I have used so far goes on with folds and ridges as I try to compensate for the curve.

The glass paint that I’m using manages to get under the folds and ridges and the finished piece looks messy.

So I’m wondering if brush on liquid latex will work as my stencil?

Anyone have any experience with latex in the glowforge?

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Latex is the same as rubber more or less, and generally rubber is ok.

I think your biggest difficulty will probably be inconsistency of your layer.

As always don’t take my word for it… read the MSDS of the material and see if it contains chlorides as combustion byproducts.

Oh also:

Use a hair dryer and vinyl sticker sheets ( cricut sells perfect ones) that you can cut out on the forge. The hair dryer will take care of any wrinkles.

Also pro tip when doing stencils, paint over the stencil with the base color first, let dry, Then paint the color you want the letters to be. you will not have any runs if you do it this way. I know in your case its glass and only one color.

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vinyl stickers are not laser-safe. They are PVC-based and when lasered they release fumes that are harmful to you and to your machine. Polyester decal material can be substituted for vinyl in many cases, and is laser-safe.


In all honesty I use the Cricut for cutting the vinyl, I did not want to advertise for them though when answering. Did not know about the fumes. thanks for that tip. I’d rather not die from fumes.


That’s the C (chloride- like the pool chemical chlorine) that’ll do that.