Can you order the air filter later (after its delivered)


Just wondering if the air filter can be purchased and added later on after I have already received the Basic model? You guys know anything about this?


I’m sure it’ll be possible, though who knows how much they’ll charge for it. As it is, they’re coming in two separate packages now.


True that… It sucks being in Canada… The $2000 unit cost me $3000 (with shipping)


The air filter is a separate unit so don’t see any reason why you can’t order it later. But everyone received an email from Dan stating prices for units and upgrades go up after 6pm today (Friday 10/23). Basic goes up $400 and Basic + Air Filter goes up $500. That seems to mean the Air Filter is going to cost $100 more after 6pm.


Hmmm… Yeah you would think that you could. I just wasn’t sure if there would be programming/hardware differences between the units, but it would make sense that you could just buy it after.


Haha I love how many people in Canada are on the forum. I’m in London.


I’m assuming London, Ontario? That’s awesome!!! We should do a Canada meetup when we all get ours!!


Yessir (unfortunately, hahahah).


Haha!! Thats funny. Could be worse…


Whereabouts are you?


Winnipeg, MB, Canada (20 characters min lol)


We are in Calgary! Great to hear from more Canucks, but I am thinking the meet up thing would be a logistical cchallenge at best, what with the 4000km coast to coast size of this place!


Haha! Okay, that’s true… Would be fun though!


If you live close to the border you can have it sent to a US shipping point and pick it up to save shipping. No duty is charged on personal use laser cutters, just pay the provincial sales tax


Yeah, I considered that! I ran into issues last time, which turned me off to the idea. Haha.