Can you purchase an Extended Warranty

I’ve tried looking on here but can’t find anything recent about purchasing an extended warranty. The first machine I purchased at the beginning of the year ended up having to be shipped back due to camera failure right after I did the ruler tutorial. Now the replacement that they sent me that was replaced NEW has the same problem about 6 months later. They are now wanting to send me a REFURBISHED machine which supposedly will be still covered by warranty until it runs out. After having the same problem with 2 different machines I’m really worried about the 3 rd (refurbished or not it still has me concerned) I would feel a bit more comfortable if there is an extended warranty I can purchase in case this one craps out on me too.

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Glowforge does not offer an extended warranty.

If you purchased the machine from Amazon, you would have been offered the option of a warranty thru Asurion - which some members here have had a positive experience with, despite their reputation. That doesn’t help in your situation.

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don’t fell bad i can not work my glowforge at home with out the glowforge air filter and the filter went bad now i was told i need to get a new filter a the glowforge is gust a month old

Hi @cmbtreasures -

@o-o is right about the extended warranty. I’m afraid we don’t offer those at the moment.

I’ve followed up over email with some more information, and we can resolve your concerns directly there. Since we’re chatting there, I’m going to close this thread.