Can you recommend someone to create the design file?

I ambitiously purchased a glowforge pro, thinking I’d draw a picture and cut a design. That’s proving to be more challenging than I expected. I need to create a display for my product. I have a drawing but need help creating a design file.

Can you recommend someone to help with this? Also, how long does something like that usually take?

thank you

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to give you a full answer about your question, but I did want to say welcome to the forum. I’m sure other people will be along to give you a more detailed answer here, but if I were in your shoes and if time were a factor, I would be looking online to try to find an existing design for display that I liked and then modifying it with whatever image you’d like to add to it.

This can sound a little complicated when you are new to everything, but I’m sure with a little bit of help from your new friends around the forum we can give you enough pointers to get you going.


Depending on the product, there are a huge list of displays in the catalog most easy to make.

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What is the product you are displaying?

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Good question. I do a lot of designing, it’s not as hard as it looks. I could try to help.


The answer to that very much depends on the complexity of the design, and your experience with a design application.

I have spent minutes workin on simple things like a stand for a phone or tablet, and many hours over several days or even weeks working on complex items that often require testing/trial fitting that use mating surfaces.



Do you have a picture of what you have in mind? I have some ideas that would be trivial to create.

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