Canadian Customs without an invoice

So, I picked up my Glowforge today and brought it across the border. I never received an invoice for my Glowforge when I ordered it, so I contacted on Oct 5th and asked for one, but they never even replied. :frowning: According to this: there was supposed to be an invoice with the glowforge, but if there is one here I’m not seeing it - there was a packing slip in a plastic sleeve on the outside of the box, but it didn’t list a price.

In the end I showed customs my order history page. If you haven’t gone to look at your order history page, it shows the Glowforge Basic as $4000, the air filter as $1000, and then it shows a single big discount. I explained to customs I was importing just the Glowforge, and the air filter hadn’t shipped yet. Customs was… unhappy, to put it mildly. They really wanted a proper invoice.

So, all this to say; if you’re planning on shipping your GF to the US and importing it yourself to save on shipping costs, you should probably start harassing


When they ship overseas they will have to include a commercial invoice for customs. Several people have asked what it will show but none have got a reply. Since the PG comes separately the invoice is going to be important. Customs in the UK do not recognise free gifts from commercial companies, so I think the PG will need to have a realistic invoice and the GF invoice will need to show the GF price minus the PG value.

Or they could do what Makerbot did when they sent me a free spool of plastic for filling in survey. They showed it as warranty replacement. Semi fraudulent I think but I didn’t pay any import duty or VAT so it worked.

Also the shipping we paid needs to be stated on the invoice otherwise customs make up a shipping charge, even if the item had free shipping. Again something needs to be fudged for the free PG or we end up paying estimated shipping, which is probably more than it is worth.

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I’ve just updated my shipping location to the US as well. It is about a 2 hour drive each way, but it improved my potential shipping date by 2 months. So, just out of curiosity, how much did Canadian customs end up charging you for customs/duty/hst?

When I first drove up to the border, I declared the value as $1570 USD (which is the total I paid, including shipping which I shouldn’t have declared now that I think about it, minus the $1000 USD for the air filter). After a lot of head scratching they decided to go with that, so I paid about $250 CAD - just HST.

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IIRC another Canadian (@SunnyStarbucks) paid duty on the forge and filter and Canadian customs told her to just bring the proof of payment when she imported the filter.


Yes! This:

Customs were very happy and told me to have fun making things!

Bring this when picking up the Filter


Not at all. In this case, it was your confidence that was broke.

Customs in Ontario seemed very skeptical that I was buying a CNC laser cutter for personal use. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well, I’ll have another fun time at customs when I bring the air filter across.

Isn’t the personal use case irrelevant? The taxes to pay would remain the same as far as I’m aware.

The smart money was on calling it a 3D laser printer…that’s what @SunnyStarbucks did and had no trouble at all. :smile:


I printed some pictures of what the Glowforge can make and even showed them the promo video. Customs seemed very happy and excited? Custom lady rang it through as a Printer - LOL


funny thing… @SunnyStarbucks technically submitted incorrect information to CBSA.

The HCC code used was 8443.32.00.20 which is for specifically for network connected laser printers. I seriously hope that GF didn’t provide that code.

The correct code should be under the 8456.11.00.00 which is the classification for machines using lasers to remove materials. The duty tarif is the same on both headings fortunately. 0% duty, just have to pay the sales tax.

In my case I said it was a Laser Printer :yum:


Technically I didn’t submit anything - the Custom Lady rang it up and I didn’t argue! LOL


It’s funny how according to the government you’re still responsible for that information.
But seeing as the right amounts were paid no one’s gonna get their feathers ruffled up over it :slight_smile:
Glad you got your machine over without any headaches!

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It can if you want to claim the GST back but you have to pay upfront anyway. The guy was probably thinking ‘now I want one’

Too true. This is why we always ensure we have the correct codes with all our shipments. Saves a lot of headaches in the long run (especially if an audit takes place).

Agreed, in my day job, it’s frustrating when suppliers use the wrong codes when I import. Always best to know the code if us Canadians come to import. Or maybe I’ll be just as luck as @SunnyStarbucks (cross fingers) And box is in good shape (cross toes).

Side note: I really dislike UPS, wish they change the courier

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Ontario was probably freaking out because I’ve read somewhere in the past that they treat laser safety for workers super cautiously. It’s more of a provincial bias, though. If it was up to them, only commercial entities would have laser tools.

Does anybody know how to reach glowforge team because nobody answers on my email for the invoice. I write maybe 5 or 6 times and there is no response.
Best regards