Canadian Forgers?

Agreed. I added it to the topic.

Unlike most social media, you don’t use hashtags. When you create a new topic (or edit an older one), there will be a space underneath for you to add your own tags.

Er, yes, what @jrnelson wrote. Sorry, was doing too many things at once.

In the link repository you can add links to suppliers, and just add a comment to say it is for Canadians. As a soon to be Ottawaian(Ottawanite, Ottawaster…?) I could use the suggestions.

Link repository

Suggestion form

lol… first suggestion: you’d be called an “Ottawan” :smiley:
But yes, those are good suggestions.

Meant for suppliers , but I’ll take those too

Looks like I’m the second person on Vancouver Island, I’ll be running a small home-based business called Brilliant Creations - VERY small to start with, as I have a day job AND a writing career both to tend to.

Good to find other Canadian folk here though - I do like the idea of a Canada-based resource repository to share info with others on the best places to source items. As well as Canada-specific topics. :slight_smile:

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I missed this thread when it first came up. I’m just outside of Ottawa (Carslbad Springs, ON).


I’m about 20 miles north of where polarbrainfreeze is located (Orleans part of Ottawa area).


Don’t you mean about 32.2 kilometers north? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Old habit die hard. :cry:

Interestingly enough, I prefer referencing in celsius for low temperatures and fahrenheit for high temperatures. As in it is currently 82F here at the cottage in the Gatineau. :smile:


Yeah, I’m the same way. I think it’s because my parents winter in Florida.

For cold temperatures, -10C sounds so much colder than 14F. The negative gives it this extra “oomph” of cold. Makes us sound tougher that we brave such temperatures.

I also don’t know my height in cm or my weight in kg. I still work in feet/inches and pounds for those.

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Aye, this is the problem of growing up around the time of the Imperial/Metric transition. I recall (although, barely) when I was a child and Canada switched.

I just try to remember “2.2lb in a kg” and “3.3ft to a meter”… and try coping with it from there.

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@jdodds @polarbrainfreeze just moved to Barrhaven. Maybe when the forges are up for delivery we can schedule a cross boarder pick up together. I have a pickup with 6 seats

Hey, no matter which scale you use: -40 is cold!



Unfortunately there’s not going to be any on-site pickups. I’ve asked Dan a few times as things have changed over time, and it’s pretty clear that they won’t allow people to do pickups. :disappointed:

I meant drive to NY state. Such as 1000 islands or whatever the cross over is.

Yeah, I used this site to get a US address.

It’s just an hour from Ottawa.

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I just added my pin to the map - sending greetings from Nelson BC - I am also looking forward to my glowforge arriving - hoping to do some cool stuff with topographic maps and ski resorts

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Calgarian here – it’s the painful part of looking at the banner, realizing the queue has blown past your day and being so close but still so far away…

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