Canadian Resources

Hi Folks, My name is Colin McDonald and I am from Saint John New Brunswick Canada. I’m looking to source materials in Canada, wondering if anyone has any recommendations.


Welcome to the forum.
There are many users from Canada and if you utilize the search function you will find that this topic has been discussed frequently. Big box stores, lumber yards and craft stores are common sources for materials. Torotec Laser is a Canadian company that sells materials, and most US suppliers will ship to Canada - although shipping costs are pretty high.


I think KJP Select Hardwood has been mentioned in the forum a number of times. They are in Ottawa but ship across Canada (I am not in Ottawa). A number of their products are cut to 12"*20", which is handy. I have used a lot of their Baltic Birch and it cuts consistently well. Most of the ply I’ve used is their 3mm and 6mm, but I also have good results with some of their 0.8mm and 1.5mm. They also have a good selection of 6mm hardwood.

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