Canadians who just got a shipment

Figured we could geek out without spamming international shipments and seem to gloat in front of those still waiting.


For those who just got one or are still waiting on their golden shipment… no joke it’s shockingly large. Unbox instructions want inches of space around for airflow + a mounted 4 inch semi-flexible hose is coming off the back. More space needed, near a window.

I should have planned for this ages ago, my mind’s eye thought it’d sit on the corner of a desk. Cut out a piece of cardboard 38" x 21" and find a place for that to sit comfortably now.

I just bought this, I’ll be unpacking it and confirm it’s good.

I figure I can wheel the thing to a window or door, or into a spare room to tuck it away.


:grin: Pretty sure everyone of us crowdsourcers who waited felt the same way.


Ugh, it’s 40" with the handles. The table surface is only 29".

I’ll see what I can MacGyver out of this.

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This is when you dig into the archives. The forum used to be full of threads about table rigs.

Who is it that has that pull out drawer trick?

Aha here we go. @PrintToLaser did that.

Storing Glowforge On It's Side


After a several month wait mine arrived 3 weeks before I was expecting it and larger than the industrial shelving I planned to put it on. As it turned out, I had a thick foam PVC board that it would fit on and that ended up sitting on the shelving :thinking:

This brings me back to the beginning of deliveries, when everyone was talking about what to put the damn thing on. I’m still using (and loving) the “IKEA hack”.


Just got my notices to fill out the GAA so excited lol just a matter of days now lol.

That is a really good idea Chris, i have no idea what i will do with mine atm. i had planned to use an old small dining table with the leaf removed and build a bracket so the passthrough slot is level with the table so i can support larger pieces when using it. But there are not a bunch of chili pepper plants on it and a grow tent lol so will need to figure something out lol.

I’m not even at passthrough level yet. I’m still thinking ruler.

To anyone thinking cart it feels a bit wobbly now that I’ve assembled it, I’m a little worried the travel of the laser head may cause motion. I may need to add some form of stabilizer when I’ve rolled it to a new location.

Pictures when I get it up there.

if it is possible to place it in a corner you could add foam to the ourside of the cart to act like a dampener

Rolling tray too scary, went with a table setup. Boo.

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I just put the 2 box on my basement.
No place in the house right now to put somewhere and use it.

I have make a first pre-unbox.
To check if all look good…
The printer look very well!

But not enought Space to unbox completely. I need to wait than my house basement renovation will be finish .


I setup a temporary space to start it up, make sure it worked in case it had to go back.


(first time posting in the forums) Hi! Im excitedly waiting for my delivery tomorrow, FexEx shows its been in OH for a few days but the delivery is still tracking for July 10th. My question is for all the lucky ones that have theirs already, what were the duty & import fees? thanks!


For me it’s a mystery for now.
FedEx Pay the duty and import for you. After you receive a letter with the amount to pay at FedEx.
For now I dont receive any bills.

Few monte ago, I remember, than a girl on this site have a invoice of 70$ , but this is for the basic model not for the Pro version.

It’s not a bad idea. But for now I dont have enought Space.

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FedEx tracking is showing it in Woodbridge,ON…I should get it tomorrow and I will update with whatever fees I end up paying.


Congrats. I’m still not fully accepting how great some things have turned out.

Try the hand drawing scan. It still feels like magic to me.


I just got my bill from Fedex today total was $333.87 CAD
Breaks down to,
Canada GST $230.88
Advancement fee $10.00
GST on ADV/Ancillary Service fees $4.90
Clearance Entry Fee $88.09