Cancellation outside of US and exchange rate

I paid for my GF in Canadian dollars last year. If I cancel, will the refund be the same Canadian dollar amount or am I going to lose out because of the current exchange rate.
As a small business that was relying on the GF, I’ve already lost a couple thousand based on using local shops because of the delays. Another 6 months and I’ll be out of business.

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The GF offices probably won’t be open until Monday Pacific Time. I know you will want and official answer from the company. Just FYI: it is standard practice for companies to do business in the currency of their home office. Some companies have multiple offices in different countries, GF does not.


It’s a shame you have to miss out on this opportunity. Hopefully your business will boom and you’ll be able to re-purchase quickly!

I agree with this. As I understand it, your refund will be processed at the amount you paid, at the time of purchased, in USD. It will be translated to CDN at the exchange rate at the time of that refund. Glowforge won’t be doing that exchange, the banks will.

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Correct. You (OP) didn’t pay them in CAD, you paid in USD; it was converted at the time. The same will happen for your refund; it’s pretty strange that you would expect anything different.

All refunds are in USD for the amount paid in USD. There are significant additional fees charged by the bank and credit card, but we pay those.

I’m so sorry we let you down.


I worked out that if I asked for a refund now I’d be £300 in pocket due to the collapse of sterling against the dollar…

But I still can’t buy a plug and play laser for the same price. I looked at others in the UK and re-read the instructions of regular maintenance, mirror cleaning, mirror alignment, etc and I really can’t be bothered to do that…

Same reason I bought a Cubicon Style 3d printer - it just works and I can spend my time learning the software and creating instead of babysitting the hardware…


If you checked the exchange rate on your Credit Card Statement last year - you can compare it to the rate today/last week to get an idea of how much you would get back.

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Being a Canadian business owner that purchases a lot of our stock from the US, you would be out of pocket even if the exchange rate is exactly the same now as when you bought it because the banks have a lower exchange rate when you sell back your $US as compared to if you were buying $US. In fact, looking back about a year ago, the exchange rate is almost the same as it is today, but as mentioned, the rate will be about $0.07 - $0.10 less than the buying rate…that’s how banks make lots of $$$$.

My advice, wait for the Glowforge and keep your nose to the grindstone. I think it will really be worth the wait.


Was your msg for me? I’m not cancelling anytime soon. I was only replying to the Original Post - the person wanted to know how much they were going to get back.

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