Cancelling without my PayPal or card?

I sent an email to support but haven’t seen a reply yet. I have deactivated both the card and the PayPal account attached to it. I was just wondering if anyone knew what would happen in this scenario.


Not sure if you were trying to cancel or just putting up a hypothetical. Either way you would have to deal directly with a person through the support email. It’s not a big deal. Happens all the time with other companies.

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It’s not a hypothetical sadly. I’ve been laid off and don’t have the funds to support myself and my two kiddos until I find a new one. Thanks for the reply though! Makes me feel better.


If you still want to maintain your position in queue, just give them updated information. If you don’t, simply ask to be removed from the purchase queue.

If the credit card company receives a credit for your discontinued card, they simply apply it to your account under the new card number, typically.

I changed banks. I’m sure they will help me figure something out.

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Wasn’t the total amount pulled at the time of purchase? If you are wanting a refund with the linked card canceled- that’s complicated and GF would have to jump in.

If you wanting to keep the purchase and the link card was canceled and the full amount was pulled at the time of purchase, then your okay.

I can’t speak for Glowforge but obviously refunds are typically credited back to the method of payment - especially on higher ticket items where the cost of fraud is high. The good news is the original issuing bank will get the money to you by check. The bad news is it may take them a while if left to their own processes.

I’d personally request the refund and request confirmation of the refund from GF when performed. Then wait a couple of days for refund to post and call the original card issuer and make a direct request for payment.


Gosh. I pray you find something good quick. Hey, if you were smart enough to order a Glowforge, you surely would be a good hire!


@kirian really sorry to hear about your situation. I hope that they can find a way to refund your purchase and that you find a great job quickly.

There may be other people in a somewhat similar situation… in particular, I believe I purchased the Glowforge on a Costco AmEx card. Costco has ended its relationship with Amex and will be canceling our card in the next couple months. I’m just realizing that there are quite a few scenarios where this might be an issue. I wonder if there is a way to change credit cards moving forward.

That may be one of the reasons why the Glowforge password is so frickin’ impossible to dupliicate. Just so you can prove you’re you.

@kirian, I’m so sorry. The support team is on top of this - happens all the time - and will get the funds to you.

It’s been so long my debit card has expired and been reissued. How do you hand that? Is there somewhere / someone I should call? Will GF call me?
The upgrade I purchased on a different card back when there was an “Upgrade NOW” or lose the opportunity, which turned out to be another ruse, has been credited back but not my original purchase. Please advise

Also, why did I get an email saying my user profile is shut down before you refund me my money?

I’m surprised you haven’t got your refund yet. You’ve been tacitly asking for one for (edit:) a little more than a week.

When did you request your refund? Have they responded in any way? When? How far along in the process are you (if you know/can tell)?

I requested refund April 20th (8 days ago).

That’s a drag. They’ve mentioned a couple times that it could take 10 days, and I’d guess those would be business days. That’s also the number they’ve been quoting for normal returns, your debit card’s expiration is out of their control.

@simplystated1, I’m so sorry for the delay! I’ll ask @bailey to look into it right away. You filled out the refund form, right?

Bailey has been great with my case. It’s taken a week or so but that’s not all that bad in my experience. Still bummed but not because of customer service.

@dan this is a great question - not just with refunds but also in the case of referral credits. Should we just contact support and update our info on file?

You only need to update us if you need a refund - in that case, support@ can help you. For referrals, we’ll get in touch when it’s time to issue them, so we can request updates then.

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