Candle votives and "hurricane lamp"


Finally getting into joinery, I also did most of the designs myself.


Oh, that’s very nice!


Oh yeah, like that last tree! :sunglasses::+1:


Very nice, I also really like the last tree. Did you inlay?


No, I had a thick mulberry paper that I lined the cutouts with.


Those look great!!


Lovely! Really nice job on this!


I like the leaves … and the mountains! Very nice!


These look great! Do you have a file for the box with no cut outs? If so can you provide a link? Thanks.


Search for box generator or tabbed box generator. There are a lot of options out there. Normally I’d link to a couple of threads, but there are so many I’ll just paste in the link to the search.

There are two basic varieties of box generator, a plug-in for your design software of choice (Inkscape, AI, a 3D program, etc…) or an online one.


I had to split it in two for the large size, here’s the 10X6X6". . .

box10%22 box10%222

and here’s a 6X4X4"



Thanks! Excited to try this. :smiley: