Canis - The Heart Holder

Yellow cardstock, glue, patience

Not MOAG, but it coulda been.

Make your own:


Ha! Love it!


I have two of those things. I could almost make this.


This must be what you fired up the Cricut for!


Yup! I’m out of town for a week, but decided that I’d have some free time and so packed up the Cricut. It’s much more portable than a glowforge. :slight_smile:

The Cricut is way more fiddly, I could go on about the weirdness I have to fight to get it to accurately cut and score, but this is a laser forum :slight_smile:

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we don’t have alignmen t issues

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I keep coming back to look at these photos. I think that means I might have to get this one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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There’s a whole set of urban animals, they’re all awesome. Here’s the link, I bought the whole set.

The line lurker rabbit and the blade oryx, both on my to do list I think,


I also really want to make the fish.

This is silly. I have absolutely no occasion to wear masks, but I want them all. This is what happens when you are eternally a child but your body insists on being middle aged in spite of everything. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah the elephant with the articulated trunk looks awesome too.

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I totally missed that one!!!

Ordered the elephant. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Apparently their “view all” function doesn’t actually let you view ALL. Now I’m wondering what ELSE I haven’t seen, because that’s the option I always choose!

I was really surprised to see that they have no reptiles really other than dinosaurs. You’d think a snake or lizard mask would do pretty well.

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Oh man, I have to go get that file now. Looks awesome!


you are turning out to be an expensive friend to have :joy:


Don’t get me started on ski resort destinations then… That’s my really expensive thing :slight_smile:


Wall art?

I have half a dozen or so masks on assorted walls here.


I spot a basenji among other doggies.
Do you know that pack? or did you find that photo?

They are all purebred Podenco Ibicencos, or as we call them in the US, Ibizan Hounds. :rabbit2: They’re all my pack, but I unexpectedly lost the boy in the middle a bit ago. (I love them all dearly, but Crockett was a very special boy. My heart is still broken. :disappointed_relieved:) Buck (far left) and Opal next to him are the parents of Boone (far right) and Crockett . (I co-own a third brother named Louie.) The little bitch next to Boone is Phoebe and she’s a cousin to the boys. In my life outside my GF I’m very involved with Podencos and my kennel name is “Sweetwater Ibizan Hounds”. I’ve had the top US hunting/coursing hounds for several years now. They do well in the ring as well, but I don’t show all that much.

You can see that they are much larger than a Basenji and the temperament is very different as well.
(Buck is a big boy though, they all aren’t this tall.)