Canning labels

Thanks. I’ve been trying to think of what other things I could make labels for. :thinking:


Very nice. Looks like something for sale at a farmer’s market.


Ha ha! I’m getting ready to email a friend who does a lot of canning. “Share a jar of something if I make labels for you?”

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Good idea! Maybe I’ll have to go to our local farmer’s market and show them. :thinking:

@kelley1 - I’ll share my file in Free Designs. Size can always be adjusted of course, and since the holes are grouped with the outline, they should adjust in position as well, although making it larger will also give larger holes, which would be okay. And I cut the wires at 9 1/2", which gave plenty of room to hold onto easily and fold over. I tried 9", but it was more difficult to hold onto the label to bring the wire around the jar to put the wire in through the other hole.