Cannot bring up settings window for some layers in GFUI

When I have a design a lot of layers (enough that I need to scroll down to see them all), for some of the bottom layers, I cannot bring up the settings window by clicking on the layer. It looks like this just comes up when I am scrolled all the way to the bottom. If I’m not scrolled to the bottom and the scrollbar is still visible, I can select the layer to bring up the settings window. But if I am scrolled to the bottom, clicking on the layer does nothing.

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Definitely something staff is gonna wanna look into - but in the meantime, if you drag the layer up can you work with it, and then drag it back down so it’s in the order you want?


And since this seems like it might be browser-specific, staff is going to want to know what browser and what operating system you are using. In the meantime, you might try another browser. Chrome seems to give most folks the least trouble.


Yes, this works! Great idea! I have also found that if I don’t scroll all the way down, I can click on the layer (though the bottom layer is a bit tough to get to).

Good point. I am on Chrome and OSX

Thanks for letting us know about this. We’re seeing this, too, and the team is looking into it now. As I’ve already seen mentioned in this thread, it looks like the best workaround for now is to scroll up to make sure you are not all the way at the bottom of the column, and drag steps within the column as necessary to change their settings. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.