Cannot connect to Wi-Fi

For the past week almost every day I have a Glowforge issue(s), air assist fan error, camera cant take picture. Today first had the camera can’t take picture. After going through all the trouble shooting (almost every day when I first start Glowforge I get this error) when I turned Glowforge on the printer head would not move along the gantry. Went through trouble shooting Wi-Fi. I checked my Wi-Fi connection. After making sure I had a good Wi-Fi connection and signal, I started the process of reconnecting Glowforge to the Wi-Fi. I was able to find the Glowforge Wi-Fi connection and connect. See attached photo. HOWEVER, I was not able to get any further. When I go to to finish set-up and connect to our Wi-Fi I get “this site can’t be reached.”
I submitted a support request, but I really could use some help now! THANKS!
see photos

You cannot get internet through the Glowforge connection, that’s just for you to connect the :glowforge: to your system the very first time.
You need to connect to your WiFi (either GreenHome or Direct…) and then go to


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I know I can’t connect to the internet through the Glowforge connection. I have been trying to reconnect Glowforge to my Wi-Fi. I am connected to my Wi-Fi, but it seems Glowforge is not connected to my Wi-Fi. How can I reconnect Glowforge to my Wi-Fi? If the Wi-Fi is not the problem, I have no idea what else it could be?

Ah - your description made it sound like you were already successfully connected previously - once you do it once you never need to do it again unless you change your WiFi password or name.

Hopefully this will help!

Thanks for the excellent video. (I’ve bookmarked for future reference). It makes a whole lot more sense than the GF instructions.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Wi-Fi is the problem. I was successfully connected. Non-the-less we did do all the troubleshooting for the Wi-Fi connection. Unplugging, turning off, pugging back in, etc. I think the problem may be with the black lid cable, the LED lights strip or both that connect with the camera. I kept getting the camera can’t take picture error and now the print head won’t even move on the gantry when I power GF on.

I have sent GF emails, and tried to call. After being on hold for over half an hour I got a recording to leave my info and someone would get back to me. So far no responses other than to say they got my email along with a list of troubleshooting, which I have done already many times. I’m EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED as I depend on GF for my small business. For over the past 2 weeks my GF has sporadically been working then not. It has been one problem after another! Up until yesterday I have been able to get it working again. But now it is FROZEN costing me more money in sales every day.

We have a brand new laser (not a GF) ready for us to set up and get running. Unfortunately my techy hubby is out of the country on business for several weeks. I’m not so sure I have the know how to get it set up but I’m about to try as I don’t know what else to do.

SORRY for my ranting and venting. I appreciate your response and help. THANK YOU!! Have a wonderful holiday season! :christmas_tree::santa::snowman:

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Glad to hear that you have another laser for a backup…a very good idea for anyone who is running a business. Just like any other tool…stuff can happen, so planning ahead is the right way to go.

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Ooph, sadly the black cables are back-ordered so it may be a bit! For the future it’s probably smart to have a back up, though I’m on year 4 with mine (knock on wood) never failing, so it’s not like it’s something that happens often.

Once you have a open ticket, which you were doing the troubleshooting on, then calling and/or posting here just opens a new ticket - easier and more reliable to continue with your same method. They don’t tend to leave you hanging, but after they’ve gone though the basic troubleshooting (which every company ever makes you go through for them so they can confirm you did rather than trusting a “I already tried that”), then they bump it up to the next level of tech support which (obviously) has fewer people and they’ll try to come up with other things to try - but it will take time. The last resort is replacing your machine, but that will definitely take even longer, so fingers crossed they can figure out something you can fix at home.

As a business user, you should definitely have a back-up plan, which it sounds like you’re working on with your 2nd laser once you eventually get it up and running :slight_smile: The :glowforge: is a fabulous machine, but it’s also a 1st generation of a completely new style of machine - one that doesn’t require any engineering to run! That being said, the company is only 7(?) years old and the product doesn’t have decades of QA so in many cases people are running into a problem the very first time it happens! It’s tough being on the leading edge - that’s why it’s referred to as the bleeding edge! :slight_smile:


Hi @cheryl.mae.serdar

My name is Mercedes and I’m part of the Technical team here at Glowforge.

It looks like you were able to reach us via phone and get a black lid cable put on order!

I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post now. If you have any other questions or need help with anything else feel free to send a message our way by either creating an email ticket or a new forum post!