Cannot set setting - "no artwork"

For some reason , the Glowforge app refuses to accept any cut/engrave settings, telling me that an unexpected error has occurred, then it reverts to the Dashboard. That means that although I can import/design projects, I can’t do anything because it just says “no art work”. I have shut everything off, and restarted, rebooted my computer and router, still nothing. The support folks have not yet responded to my query. Any ideas?

That generally occurs when you have not selected a material (or used “set focus” to bypass that), or a portion of your design lies outside the printable area.

Support can take several business days to respond.


Does this same behavior happen when you open a known Glowforge file such as the Gift of Good Measure?


clear browser cache… or try a different browser.


Mine started doing this today as well. I can get access using the phone app, but not on my computer. It keeps doing the “we’re sorry, an unexpected error has occurred” and pushes me back to the dashboard

Makes me wonder if there’s been a browser update that is getting into a fight with the Glowforge software? Seems to cropping up in this forum very recently.


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