Can't Access Shop or Catalog

For some reason, when I try to access the shop or catalog from app.glowforge it just kicks me to the GF homepage. Any suggestions?

I think the first thing I would try is either use a different browser, or clear the cache of the one I’m using, and try again.

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Nope, that didn’t help, thanks though.

Anyone? Staff maybe?

They have to set you up with access to it, if you haven’t gotten the email from them yet telling you to go and take a look at it, and telling you what your credits are, etc., they might not have set you up yet. It’s different from the first one that gets your address. (I think…it’s been a while since mine got sent, and I had special circumstances.)

Got it. Can any staff help me out here? I was added as a user on my husband’s account. I can only access app.glowforge, not catalog or store.

Wonder if it was intentional? The original account has a credit card associated with it. Added users are not always that close.

Maybe… But shouldn’t I be allowed to buy stuff independently?

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Possibly or probably. Just speculating. Maybe it’s a problem unique to you. Still, the company has quite a few processes that will need adjustment.

You should get your own access to the catalogue and shop with a different account for purchases.

Thanks for letting us know @amy1! You should have access to both the shop and catalog now. Can you test it out and let us know?

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It works now, thanks @Dan_H !

Perfect! Thank you for letting me know.

I’m going to close this thread. If you need anything else, please let us know at or by creating a new post here.